What is Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing system which promotes healing and personal development.  The system of Reiki was developed in the early 1900s by a Japanese man called Mikao Usui based on his personal experiences of working with the universal life force energy.  Translated Reiki means spiritual energy. The system of Reiki uses the Reiki precepts to guide one spiritually, meditations to access one’s inner power, hands-on healing or distant healing, shirushi (symbols) and jumon (mantras) to help balance us, plus reiju and attunements as energetic blessings. All matter has energy flowing through it, including live beings. Reiki clears stagnant energy promoting better system functioning.  Our minds and bodies know how to help themselves. The Reiki system speeds up natural healing. Reiki helps us to become balanced.


Reiki is a system that may be used to help yourself and others to reach optimal health and well-being.  Reiki Animal Healing is suitable for domestic pets, professionally bred animals, farm animals, or wild animals.

A Reiki practitioner assists clients in fulfilling their own healing process whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing needed by the individual.  This can include birth through death.  No matter what physical condition you are in, good health or bad, Reiki brings balance.  Reiki can assist you in finding peace and acceptance in your life.

“Reiki is a practice that, although it does not diagnose, manipulate or offer products to a client, is considered as effective as many other respected therapies today. It relies on the wisdom of the body to know what it needs and wants, in contrast to the controlling and often unempowering attitude of other invasive health care practices, that sets it apart. There is a great wisdom underpinning this system as it teaches its practitioners to leave their limited rationality behind, hold on tight to their commonsense, and let the world’s natural flow of healing energy run its course.”
International House of Reiki


Reiki and Animals

Our animals feel pain, sadness, anxiety and worry just as we do.  Reiki helps animals to balance their energy and release toxins that prevent them from reaching their optimal health.

Reiki works so well with animals.  Reiki is gentle, noninvasive and does not require any physical contact between practitioner and client.  However, some domestic animals will request hands on by guiding the practitioner with the use of their head, paws, etc.


Reiki can assist animals with:

Illness or injury to the physical body:  When illness or injury occurs the energy system of beings change. The energy may become stagnant, blocked and may also actually move to fast.  Sometimes illness is caused by emotional trauma or genetics.  Reiki practitioners work to help the animal get to the core issue and create balance.

Stressful Situations:  Animals are creature of habit.  When there is a change or multiple changes in life the animal becomes stressed.  Reiki can be used to release the emotional toxins from their body.

Emotional Trauma:  Abuse, change in homes, living in a shelter, loss of their human can create trauma and cause behavioral problems, anxiety, etc.  Reiki helps the animal come back into balance.

Death: As an animal nears transition due to illness, physical trauma, or age, Reiki not only helps the animal to remain calm, but helps his human and animal family as well. Reiki helps ease any pain and fear. Reiki assists in the grieving process. There are times when an animal will refuse to die, despite their discomfort, just to please its human family who is unwilling to let them go.  Reiki supports the human family in coming to terms with giving the animal permission the animal needs to hear to cross over.

Even with the benefits of Reiki, you never ignore the need to use traditional or holistic veterinary medical treatments. Science has shown there is inter-connectedness between the health of the physical body, mind, and spirit. Reiki addresses the mind and spirit, while traditional medical care fulfills the immediate needs of the physical body. Reiki can also amplify the healing affects of other energetic modalities such as massage therapy, acupuncture, and others.

Animals can perform Reiki too

By offering our pets and animals companions the healing process of Animal Reiki, we give something back to them for all the healing, laughter and love they give us all the time. Animals also have a natural ability to give us Reiki healing too. Horses, dolphins, whales, and even dogs and cats are among some of the most skilled Reiki Masters in the animal kingdom. When you see injury victims and disabled patients respond instantly to an animal, such as swimming with dolphins, or being “massaged” by a cat, that’s the power of Reiki healing from our animal friends. It can make an otherwise silent child make sounds for the first time, and make limbs that have be motionless and numb move and respond to the gentle nudges of our animal friends.

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