Horses Are The Healers
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Amazing healing sessions from the Horses at the Equinisity Retreats. One of many interactions
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DSC_0049Our Sacred Land at Equinisity Retreats in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada is home to a herd of free roaming horses, and our resident Buddha, Tesoro the bull.  The 320 acres of enchanted forests, hills, lakes, rivers of underground crystals and magnificent views, is an energetic matrix for personal transformation through higher consciousness, universal love, and connection to all life.

Even if you have never spent time with horses or you feel anxious about being around them, the Equinisity Retreats will introduce you to a magical garden inhabited by higher beings (animals) who are here to teach and heal humans. If you are a horse lover and would like to experience a new level of horse communication and connection and understand every nuance of Herd Language ultimately riding and communicating with focus and intent, there is no better place in the world to learn this.

DSC_0097A visit to Equinisity Retreats at the Gateway 2 Ranch is a life changing experience. Liz Mitten Ryan is an expert in horse herd language, liberty horse training, communicating and connecting with horses, horse, and animal communication. She offers Horse Healing retreats, equine healing certification, and liberty training retreats through

r_original012The ‘family’ of warm blood horses run as a semi-wild herd through 320 acres of natural forest, hills, and grasslands on Gateway 2 Ranch. The horses are higher beings, sharing their wisdom as teachers and healers.

r_slideshow006Liz and the Herd invite you to connect, communicate and develop a new respect for animals as spiritual equals. You will learn the language and wisdom of the horse, eventually becoming ‘One with the Herd’. Like swimming with dolphins and whales, one begins to resonate at higher levels of consciousness. It’s an everyday occurrence at Gateway 2 Ranch to have spontaneous healing, personal epiphanies, true connection and a clear understanding of your life journey.

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